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We don’t have a play room in our house. It would be nice but there just isn’t room. We’ve tried several different ways to arrange our living room and create little nooks here and there for The Little Girl’s toys. However, there still always seems to be toys everywhere. Everywhere. After Christmas (which comes with a brand new batch of toys), I decided to rearrange our living room once again. This time, I moved all of her toys to the far side of the living room. Basically, I split the living room. It’s now half living room, half play room.
There’s a corner for all of her baby stuff.

There’s the toy cabinet.

And an entire corner dedicated to her art obsession. Love this about her!

Plus, there is still room for all the living room furniture.
After living with this for a day I really like it. I like that all of her things are contained to one side of the downstairs. I’m actually taking this picture from the kitchen, which is where most of her toys managed to end up. It was a walking (and cooking) hazard. However, I think I’m going to move the TV cabinet down a little bit further. I originally wanted it centered on the wall under the boxes but it doesn’t really matter. Besides, we have plans to take the boxes down and repaint anyway.

I wonder how long it will stay this way before I decide to rearrange again?

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  • Robert and Hannah

    Lookin' super good! I just realized you and my friend Brie would hit it off like instantly. This post was so something she would write; at one point I forgot I was reading your blog and thought it was hers. And she's got a 3 year old daughter too. Totally sending you guys a friend suggestion on FB.

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