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Resolution #1: Date Night

As you saw in my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions I would like for me and my hubby have a date at least once a month. I wanted to share more about my specific plans to make sure this happens.

First, I should probably define what I mean by “date.” In my little world, a date is anytime we go out of the house without the little girl and have plans to do something fun for a few hours. It doesn’t have to be on a specific day of the week. It doesn’t have to be at a specific time of day. It doesn’t even have to cost money. It just has to be me + the hubs – the kiddo = FUN!

In order to make this resolution happen, I need to figure out what has kept us from doing it on a regular basis before now.
1) Most often, the biggest obstacle to us going on a date is money! We actually don’t even have a line item in our budget for entertainment. We’re pretty busy just trying to pay the bills. However, I think I have a few ways to fix that.

  • Gift cards. We received several restaurant gift cards for Christmas this year. We can save those and use them throughout the year to offset the cost of our dinner.
  • Bargain hunting. There are often great local restaurant and entertainment deals on Groupon and Living Social. I’ve already got a few of those tucked away to use this year. For example, I can’t wait for us to get artsy together at Paint Along.
  • Coupons. I also plan to get a new 2011 copy of the Entertainment Book or Citipass. There are tons of 50% off or BOGO coupons for food and entertainment.
  • Freebies. One of my favorite things we used to do was walking around the Opryland Hotel. I’m so glad it is finally open again. I also would like to incorporate some outdoorsy stuff into our dates this year for the hubby’s sake. I’m even considering camping. I hate camping! But, somehow, the idea of calling it a date makes it sound a little (teensy tiny) bit romantic.
2) The next obstacle is typically childcare. Well, not finding it so much as having to pay for a babysitter. Here here are my solutions for both.
  • Find 12. I plan to go down my list of family and friends and select 12 people who I trust (and who would agree to said babysitting). Then, I’m gonna assign them a month. When their month rolls around I will contact them to work out the details of when and what time we would like to drop her off and pick her up. Best of all, I have some folks on my list who I trust overnight (and would agree to it). Anybody want to go ahead and pick out your month? I am totally willing to be one of your 12 too! 😉
  • Out-of-town grandparents. My entire family lives in Alabama and they are always itching to see Skylar. So, whenever they are here or we are there (and time permits) we are gonna put those grandparents to good use. Mike and I get time alone and they get 1-on-1 time with their only grandchild. It’s a win-win!
3) Finally, the last obstacle is finding the time. I am a big time planner but my hubby is not. Sometimes date opportunities come up at the last minute. Sometimes they don’t.
  • I’m gonna designate the last weekend of every month as date weekend. If something hasn’t come up by the 3rd weekend then that gives us a week to figure out what we want to do and line up childcare.
I think I have solved all my “date” obstacles. I’m curious, How often do you go on a date with your significant other?


  • Robert and Hannah

    I am sitting here with my jaw dropped in amazement at how organized you are. What a great idea! I'm so stealing it. Those are all the EXACT reasons Robert and I never go out on dates, and we got a few gift cards for Christmas too! I'll be one of your 12! 😀

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