Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

So, I came across this band the other day, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors.

I fell in love with the title track to their new album. More accurately, I fell for their new video Fire & Dynamite. There is just something about this video that grabbed a piece of my heart. I think it’s just the people. They all look so “normal.” I love normal people. Not fancy schmancy, just normal-looking people like me. Some of these folks are really beautiful. Normal can be breathtaking sometimes if you just stop and pay attention. Then, there is the way the video was cut with color and black & white shots. LOVE! Plus, the camera angles managed to capture some of the neatest little things. The little things get me every time. Every. Time. Check it out:

Anyway, as it turns out, my new favorite band released a new album today called Chasing Someday. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon. You can actually get a $2 credit on Amazon by following these steps.
  • Click here and select the “Buy From Amazon” button.
  • Choose the option for “Give Album or Song as Gift.” (THIS STEP IS KEY)
  • Give the gift to yourself (hehe) and use code VDAYMP3S at checkout.
  • It will deduct $2 from your total.
So, go grab yourself some free music and let me know if you love the video and song as much as I do.
I doubt it. I’m pretty head over heels right now. 😉


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