Goodwill $21 Trip

I had to dig around to find some things on my last Goodwill trip. I didn’t go in looking for anything in particular so it took me a while to decide what part of the store I really wanted to scope out. However, I ended up coming home with some cute new pieces for my summer wardrobe.
My favorite piece of the day was this grey T-shirt by Mudd. It’s got lace built into the sleeves for an added touch of femininity. It’s also gathered on the sides at the bottom. Plus, the material is super comfy. Comfy and stylish at the same time. Yay-uh!

Next up is this top by Xhilieration. It looks like it was intended to be a dress but it’s a bit too short for my taste so I searched around and found a cropped pair of leggings by NY&C to go with it.

Last but not least is this summer top by Billabong. You can’t see it too well in the pic, but I was first attracted to it because of the 2 teal lines of material across the top. It really makes the design pop. I also love that it flares out just a bit at the bottom with a cute little ruffle.

I just love Goodwill. I usually try to work the deals a little more ($0.99 tags, Smart Card, ect.) but I was in a hurry. Still, 4 items for around $20. You just can’t beat it. I’m really hoping to hit the 50% off sale on the first Saturday of the month. I hear that it’s kind of crazy but I’m game. 🙂

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