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Easy Way to Fold Sheets (even a fitted one)

If you ask me, folding a fitted sheet is nearly impossible. I literally have no idea how the factory gets it into a nice little square to match the top sheet. I’ve tried various techniques but mine usually only look slightly better than if I had rolled it into a ball to start with. However, I have indeed found a trick that now makes my sheets stack all nice and neat and tidy in the linen closet.
First, fold sheets according to your normal methods. Leave one pillow case unfolded. See my lump of fitted sheet there?
Second, stack the folded items on top of each other.
Third, stuff folded items into the remaining pillow case. There will be a remaining flap. Simply tuck it underneath.
Finally, stack all of your sheets nicely on top of each other and place them in the linen closet. Ta-Dah!
It’s not rocket science but it took me 6+ years of marriage and a few You Tube videos to figure it out. It also helps to keep all the pieces together if you send a little one to fetch a fresh set. My fitted sheet frustration remains no more.
You’re welcome! 🙂

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