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Work At Home: Medical Transcription

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I often get asked about legit work at home opportunities. I did medical transcription for 5 years before moving to my current job. It provided the income and flexibility that I needed to stay home with our daughter through infancy and preschool. Here is an article about medical transcription that I wrote back in 2011.

In order to work as a medical transcriptionist you need to be trained in medical terminology and formatting. I took an accredited course through Career Step where students can finish the program in an average of 4-12 months depending on how much time you have to devote to studying. It’s self-paced so you can train on your time frame. This is good practice for working at home. You need to be motivated, dedicated and meet goals in order to have a successful career at home. Once your training is complete, Career Step will even help you find a job!

The cost of the training program is small compared to how much you will make in your first year. Plus, they have a wide variety of payment options if you can’t afford it all upfront. Right now they are even offering a FREE laptop when you enroll to help you get started right away.

Exciting news! Career Step is now approved for MYCAA Funding, which means that military spouses can qualify for up to $4000 towards training. They can get started with zero out-of-pocket expenses for a job that they can do from anywhere, no matter where their spouse is stationed.

Since I studied with them back in 2007, Career Step has grown and added even more courses of study including healthcare, administrative, and technology careers.

I love their motto of Get In. Get Out. Get Working. Not all of us have the time or financial resources for a full 4-year college degree. Besides, I went to college, got a Bachelor’s and am not even using it in my current career as an Event Planner. More thoughts on college here.

In the meantime, click to view this video on how Career Step can help you have a job that you love, while training at home.

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