August 2015 in Pictures

 Kidney stone ER visit. Photo is after meds. 🙂 
 First day of school at our house means you get pancakes spelled like your name. 
Meeting Sentator Ted Cruz.  
 Homeschool at the Park
 Celebrating 10 years at The Southern. With Oysters. YUM!
 Out and about in Chattanooga.
 Sunset Rock
 The walk is worth the view!
 Wonderful evening at St. John’s Restaurant. 
 It was a take-the-top-off-the-jeep kind of day
 Dr. Enuf is required for traveling and white water rafting. 
 Hiawasee River
 This is what it’s like trying to take a selfie with Mike.
 Me and my best traveler on Southwest. And Carl. 
 GORGEOUS! Water is so calm and clear. 
Pre-dinner selfie with this crew!
 Snorkeling and shell hunting was the highlight of this trip. 

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