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What is a Virtual Assistant and Why Do I Need One?

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a skilled professional ready to tackle a variety of projects as defined by you. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s already trained to know what you need so they can get started quickly. 
Why do I need one?
Virtual assistants work for individuals and businesses and help to give you more time by handling the tasks that either a) you don’t like doing or b) take up too much of your time. A good VA helps to streamline these processes to make the rest of your time valuable and productive. We want to see you grow your business and/or improve your quality of life! 
What does a virtual assistant do?
A virtual assistant can help with most anything you need, but here’s a list of some common tasks assigned to VAs. 

How much does a virtual assistant cost?
Not as much as you would think. For starters, most VAs work as independent contractors meaning you are not responsible for employee taxes, insurance, benefits, or social security. In fact, you can claim the amount paid to an IC on your taxes as an expense. In addition, you are only paying for the hours you use or by the project. Virtual assistants also provide their own equipment so there is no start up cost to you. 
Where do I find a virtual assistant?
Look no further. You’ve found Staci Bishop. I’ve worked virtually for over 9 years and am known in my industry for having great organization and attention to detail. I have the ability to anticipate needs (AKA read your mind) and am very sensitive to meeting tight deadlines. I have excellent professional references who can attest to my work ethic and quick study. 
What are some of your favorite tasks?

I love working on new projects and meeting new clients. Details are my speciality and I don’t mind mundane or repetitive tasks. However, one of my favorite tasks is desinging images for social media and blog posts. I think it builds brand awareness and makes the post more attractive and engaging. I particularly love quotes! I also enjoy sprucing up documents and forms to make them more professional and user friendly. Most of all, I love helping with the projects that you’ve always wanted to get to but never could find the time to do. I’ve done everything from graphic design and billing to planning an event with an $800K budget and pretty much everything in between. Being a VA allows me to put my “Jack-of-all-trades” abilities to work….. for you!

How do I get started with a VA?
Contact me today and let’s discuss your needs. No project is too big or too small, too short or too long. I handle projects as quick as one hour or extended tasks that repeat on an ongoing basis. You can email me at or fill out this quick inquiry form and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I look forward to putting my unique set of skills to work to help benefit you and your business.

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