Family Update

November 2023 Family Update

November 1st – you can find me at Aldi standing in line for all of the Advent calendars and this year I hit the jackpot. Wine • Cheese• Dog Treats• Bluey• Puzzles • Truffles. I enjoy them so much and so does Skylar! Can’t wait to get started next month although I did start wine & cheese a little early. 😉

Our first trip of November was to Panama City Beach, FL to visit Aunt Shannon who moved there earlier this year. It was so nice to see their family settled in and enjoying their new home and city. We had a beach day and also got to see Jaxon’s basketball team a couple times. One morning, the mamas got up and visited a coffee shop on the bay. Being near water several times was good for my soul. We also got to see a sunset on the water before a big family dinner at Schooner’s.

We ended up having one weekend at home this month. Our buddy, Patches, came to visit and we were able to squeeze in our annual family photos with our beloved photographer, Kris Lenker. She lets us goof off and be ourselves and it’s always so fun. That weekend I also got to catch up with my old neighbor, Jennifer, who gave me a tour of her converted van. I love following her travels @mymidlifevanlife all over the US (and sweet Charlie too). And since this was our only weekend home for the next month, I went ahead and decorated for Christmas, minus the tree.

Up next we flew to Jacksonville, FL for hockey. We arrived a day early so I could get in some Vitamin Sea. Unfortunately it was misty and cloudy but Skylar said that’s her vibe. We loved the Neptune Beach area and, per the usual, hit up a few thrift stores. We teamed up with our rental car buddies, the Sellers, and had a great weekend both on and off the ice. We especially loved San Marco and even made one more trip back to Neptune Beach before flying home.


We were traveling again on Thanksgiving weekend so I skipped going to Bama this year. Instead, we opted to hike with Ben and the dogs before dropping them off at boarding and heading to Greenville, SC for another hockey weekend. Skylar played great and even scored two goals. She also ended up in the penalty box, but just once.

The most adult thing I did this month aside from 8 billion travel logistics was being brilliant enough to schedule my DMV appt immediately following my hair appointment, meaning I finally have a driver’s license photo that I love! Oh, I also changed my spark plugs but I had some help with that.

On the last day of the month, Skylar and I used our resources, borrowed a chainsaw, channeled our inner Clark Griswold, and cut down our own Christmas Tree from Circle S Farms. It was 100% DIY and I love how it looks. I’m so glad we went back to a real tree.

We have One. More. Weekend. of travel. Whew! It’s been a crazy 6 weeks.

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