My 1st Etsy Purchase

I finally signed up for Etsy and made my first purchase. I’ve lurked around the site forever noting things I wanted. Sometimes I just went there to get ideas and sometimes I could find it cheaper on Ebay. Thus, I had never actually gotten an account and made a purchase. Until now….

My friend Kelly told me she had gotten one of these during her recent trip to NYC and we saw a lady wearing one at the Nashville Christmas Parade. I looked at different stores around town but couldn’t find them. So, I hit Etsy. They were everywhere. Tons of different shops had them. Plus, there were a variety of styles and colors.
I settled on this ivory one. It came in the mail today. I put it on right away and received a compliment at my first stop. I love it because I can wear it with my hair up or down and that flower is super cute!

Naturally, my mini me wants one for herself so now I’ve got my eye on this teal one. 🙂

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