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Please Stay 3 Forever – Please?

My baby girl is 4 today.

This really is impossible. I still remember every detail of her birth. Thankfully, the pregnancy memories are starting to fade but I definitely remember January 16, 2007. There is no way that I can remember it so vividly yet the calendar show that four years have passed. Impossible, I tell ya.
Every year I ask her to please stay little forever and each year she continues to age and grow. However, this year when I asked her if she would stay 3 forever, she said “yes!” Oh, how I wish this were possible.
Granted, 3 hasn’t been without it’s ups and downs but I love her at 3.
The world is a big, bad, scary place and I just don’t want her to have to experience heartbreak, or disappointment, or fear on an adult level (on any level for that matter). I want to protect her. Things seem nice and safe here with mommy.
I love her at 3 but I have also loved her at every other age. When I reflect back on the events of the previous 4 years, I have some very fond memories of my girl. They are bitter sweet. I miss those ages and the precious things she did but I wouldn’t want her to be any other age than what she is right now.
If 3 has been pretty good then maybe 4 will be even better, but I wouldn’t mind if she stayed little forever! 🙂
Happy Birthday, Skylar!

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