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Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Actually, no, I didn’t.
Not even for yoga class.
Not even for date night.
Not for a whole week.
Isn’t that horrible?!
Wait, don’t judge.
See, what had happened was….
Well, first of all, it’s winter and that means wearing pants all the time. Who’s gonna even notice?
Then, there was the week of freezing temperatures we had last week. I mean, what’s the point of shaving when it’s so cold that the pricklies just come back as soon as you step out of the shower?
Next, is the fact that school was cancelled for the whole week because of snow and ice, which meant we spent a lot of days in our PJs. Therefore, showering (or shaving) was not high on the priority list.
Let’s not forget that I was (and still am) dealing with the Winter Blues, which means my motivation is pretty much nil. Sometimes even hygiene takes a back seat. Sad, I know.
However, last night after 10 days, I mentioned to hubby that I wanted to take a quick shower. He said he would get The Little Girl ready for bed. He told me to go ahead and take my time. And he may or may not have mentioned (Ok, he totally did) that this would be a good time to shave.
Yeah, I’ll take that as a hint.
So, I did and that smoothed things over. 🙂

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  • Robert and Hannah

    See this is why I love you. 😉 I'm horrible about shaving my legs in the winter. I have blonde leg hair so it really doesn't show at all anyway, even if I'm wearing shorts, and Robert swears up and down he doesn't care, and so I'm like, whatev! Every so often the mood strikes and I'll do it; sometimes I even get into a really good groove about doing it every other day or so, but yeah usually during the winter I'm AWFUL about it. Even if I'm wearing short shorts to yoga. 😉

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