My Favorite Consignment Sale

I’ll be honest. I haven’t ever actually paid for Skylar’s clothes. Ever. Granted, the grandparents also help me stock her closet but mainly I buy and sell at consignment sales. The money I earn from the fall/winter sale purchases her spring/summer wardrobe and vice versa. I’ve bought and sold at a lot of consignment sales but my favorite, hands down, is Encores and More North. Why?

  • The sale is HUGE!
  • They have a variety of name-brand clothes.
  • Items are organized and sorted.
  • They use a barcode system that makes checkout fast and accurate.
  • They have many consignors and buyers, which is a win-win for everyone!
Each year, I get clothes, shoes, and toys at a fraction of the price I would pay in retail. Some of the items look brand new. I also am able to sell clothes in one spot. This is much easier than trying to list each individual item on Ebay or Craigslist. I usually tag close to 100 items and bring home less than 10-15. Granted, the sale gets their cut (30%) but I have found this is the easiest way to get paid for clothes in one fail swoop. 🙂
This year I am going to be working at the sale for the first time. In exchange for a few 5-hour shifts, I will get a chance to shop early before the consignors and before the public. I’m actually working 3 shifts and providing drinks one day, which also earns me a $50 credit. I’ve heard that you work, work, work during those shifts but they provide your meals, which is a big plus!
Here’s my schedule for the 2011 Spring sale.
Saturday, March 5th 12p-5p
Monday, March 7th 9a-2p
Saturday, March 19th 2p-7p
Go here to sign up for shifts and get more details about the sale.

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