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Resolution #5: Guns

I have a strong adversion to guns. Why? Well, they are dangerous for starters. I know that people use them for sport all the time but let’s be real here. Guns were invented to kill or at least strongly wound an opponent.

My hubby has been wanting me to learn to shoot a gun since we met. He’s never pushed me to do it but simply stated that he wants me to know how to protect myself. I politely declined. See, that’s where the problem really lies. My fear is that if I have a gun, my attacker will take my own gun and use it against me. Too much Hollywood or a legitimate concern? I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter because it was enough to stop me. I figured that if I never learned to properly shoot a gun then I would never even think to go for one in an attacker-victim situation.
Then I had this horrible nightmare. I dreamed that someone was trying to take my child from me. It was vivid and I woke up in a panic. It still is kind of haunting. I decided that I need to learn to protect – not me – my child! If it comes down to it, I want to know exactly what to do. If you try to take my child or hurt my child, you are asking for it. End of story.
Naturally, my hubby is thrilled to hear that I want to learn to shoot a gun and he is eager to teach me. He has already tried to teach me the 3 main things I’m supposed to know but he said them so fast and in military fashion that it honestly sounded like Charlie Brown: Mwa mwa mwa, mwa mwa mwa mwa. Just like it has taken me 7 years to agree to let him teach me, it’s also going to take some time for me to actually do it!

But I’m going to because it’s #5 on my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.

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