Today: New Year’s Day & The Bacon Explosion

I didn’t make it until midnight. Mike was sound asleep by 10. I was in bed jamming to iTunes with my headphones and working on my laptop but decided to call it quits around 11:30. Happy New Year! *insert noise-makers here.*

My dear hubby let me sleep in until 8:30 on New Year’s Day. Ahhh….

We poked around all morning and finally got dressed to have our traditional meal at Cracker Barrel. We typically go for dinner but did lunch instead this year. The wait wasn’t too bad at 30 minutes. However, we counted that we have been going to the same Cracker Barrel for the last 6 out of 7 years on NYD. Next year, I am seriously going to contact them about a VIP card so we can skip the wait. Surely my loyalty is worth that much. 🙂
The little girl refused to eat the black-eyed peas again. I know they are just superstitions but, I won’t lie, this thought did cross my mind: Last year she refused to eat the peas too and our year was horrible. I wonder if SHE is the reason. I even offered her a jelly-covered pea but she wasn’t having it. 🙁
Back home, I put my picky eater down for a nap and started reading my book. Well, that combined with my nice, big lunch made me very sleepy so I took a nap. I can’t wait for next week so I can get back to my regular schedule. The holidays have me all out of whack. I stay up late. Than I am cranky and tired the next morning. That usually results in a nap, which usually results in me going to bed late again and the cycle repeats. I NEED my routine back, badly!
I woke up to the smell of bacon. A powerful smell of bacon. My hubby and his buddy were creating something called a Bacon Explosion. I lovingly started calling it The Baconator. Basically, it’s TWO pounds of bacon, TWO pounds of sausage, and a whole lot of time on the grill. Otherwise known as A-Heart-Attack-Waiting-To-Happen. Oh, mercy, it was delicious (but my house STILL smells like bacon)!
We spent the remainder of our New Year’s Day munching on the “Culinary Coronary” at our neighbor’s house and hanging out with friends. Not a bad start to 2011!

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