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Unspoken Resolutions

I make resolutions because I believe we can always strive to better ourselves. These are a few things that I always resolve to do but don’t neccessarily write them down.
  • Grow closer to the Lord.
  • Improve my marriage.
  • Be a better parent.
Why? I don’t write these down because I don’t know that I will ever reach an attainable goal for them. Heck, I don’t even know what success really looks like for me in these areas. Sure, I have ideas of how these relationships look but they are always evolving. These are areas where I can grow for a lifetime and still need work.
For example, when I first made this list I put them in the exact opposite order. See? I have to constantly work to make sure my priorities are in the right order. I tend to put parenting at the top because, out of the 3, a child is the most needy. Their needs are usually urgent and I tend to put more weight on myself in that area because I am shaping a life, which is a huge responsibility. However, that doesn’t make that relationship more important than the others.
In all actuality, in order for me to be the best mommy possible, I have to have the other two relationships in order and working in good harmony. I’m coming to believe more and more in this trickle-down effect. It’s definitely something I have to be constantly aware of and eagerly trying to work on.
This completes my list of 2011 resolutions. Better get started. 🙂

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