Goodwill $22 trip

Last month I bought a calendar at Goodwill, which included a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. It was expiring soon so I made a trip this weekend to see what I could find. My local store in Hermitage has started to put out summer items and I was thrilled. Here’s what I found. Pardon the pictures. My camera died so these were taken with my phone.
I happened across this cute grey hooded cardigan by Wet Seal as soon as I walked in the store. I love that it has short sleeves. This time of year it can still be cool but not downright cold so this will be perfect.
Next I made my way to the dresses and found this Xhilaration long cotton dress. It is so comfy and I love the colored stitching for the banding.
I also found this purple sweater in the dress section. It’s a little to short for me so I will probably wear it over jeans. Again, I love a short-sleeved sweater for spring.
Next I found this top by Willi Smith. All the ruching is really nice and it doesn’t cling. It’s also more of a navy but I had to lighten up the picture to be able to show the details. Navy is very in right now I believe.
Finally I came across this white GAP skirt. This is really versatile material meaning I think I will be able to dress it up for church or down for a playdate and it will still work.
So, those are my Goodwill finds for this week. I was rather thrilled that I came home with 3 tops, a dress and a skirt for around $20.

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