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She no Likey the Spikey

My kid is really funny sometimes especially when she acts all grown. Here was our conversation this morning.
*Background Story* We were running just a wee bit behind this morning in the mad rush to get out the door to school. My hair was still wet, Skylar was not completely dressed yet, lunch still needed to be packed and we needed to depart the building in about 10 minutes. So, this is the hair do that I came up with. Considering that my outfit for the day was also a little edgy, I thought it was a nice match.
I come down stairs to find that The Little Girl was indeed only about 5% dressed for school. I knelt down to help her.
Skylar: “Mom. Why is your hair all (dramatic pause) spikey?”
Me: “Well, sometimes we can do our hair in different ways. “
Skylar: “Oh.”
Me: “Do you like it?”
Skylar: “No.”
[With a dramatic wave of her hand and sassy tone she announces…]
Skylar: “You need to make it straight and, like, comb it… or something.”
Oh my goodness this girl cracks me up!

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