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Spring Forward!

The first day of Spring is still technically 7 days away but I have a different marker for Spring. MY SPRING starts with Daylight Savings Time. Oh blessed day. This is one of my favorite days of the year because, quite simply, it means that I have survived another winter. This winter was nothing less than brutal and I am O so happy to put it behind us. I’m also thrilled that longer, warmer days are in my immediate future.

In preparation for this post I did a little research on Daylight Savings Time. Turns out I had things a little backwards in my head. I was convinced that DST started with “Fall Back” and ended with “Spring Forward.” Nope. The time of the clock in the Winter is the actual time, also known as Standard Time. The days that we experience in the summer are, in fact, the altered time.
I’ve always demanded that I hated Daylight Savings Time and felt it was and ridiculous to change the time twice a year. Guess I should have researched that a little better. By definition I guess I LOVE Daylight Savings Time. It’s the Standard Time that I don’t like so much. In the past, I’ve also thought about advocating a campaign so that the U.S. does away with DST completely. It should be noted that some states do not follow DST. But, if we did away with DST then we would experience the longer, sunny days in winter rather than summer (bleh!). In my honest opinion, that would be a waste of sunshine.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish we could get on DST and stay there but I don’t see that happening (and also, when I’m wrong I’ll say I’m wrong). Instead, I will relish the next 8 months and enjoy my sunshine and longer days. Thank goodness the U.S. government decided to extend DST starting in 2007. Deepest thanks from yours truly.
So long Winter Blues. Hello Spring!
P.S. I also learned that Daylight Saving (no S) Time is the correct term, but Daylight Savings Time has become commonly used and accepted.

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