My *NEW* Vintage Sewing Machine

This is my sewing machine. It’s a 1966 Singer Golden Touch & Sew – Model 620. It came to me complete with the original sewing cabinet from an old house in my hometown. I love this thing. I love that it’s old. I love that it’s heavy as all get out, which means that it’s mostly made out of metal. It may not have the fancy bells and whistles of newer machines but it sews great. For a novice sewer, it’s actually quite perfect for me.
I even have the original manuals and accessories that came with it.
One of the coolest features is that the sewing machie itself can drop down into the cabinet to be hidden. Isn’t that SO awesome? It makes this piece of furniture so versatile.
Now you see it. Now you don’t.
The cabinet is currently being used as my work desk and I love the three drawers it has down the side.
I’ve had it for about 5 years. I did some sewing on it back when I first got it and then one of the gears broke. It’s been sitting dormant for a while. I tried to repair it myself, even ordered the part I needed, but a special tool was required and I had no idea how to reset the timing. Finding someone who knows how to work on these old machines is harder than I thought. My mom found someone (she has an old Singer too) so I loaded mine up and took it to Alabama to be repaired. Luckily, the machine can detach from the desk so we didn’t have to lug the whole thing.
Now that the machine is working, we want to refinish the cabinet. I can’t decide if I want to stain it a similar color to what it is now or go dark so that it matches our other furniture. I kinda think that modernized vintage pieces look way cool. Then again, I don’t want to tarnish the integrity of the piece. Not that I would ever want to sell it. It’s a tough call.
It’s working great now. I can’t wait to get started sewing on it again. Maybe now I can finally figure out what all these things do. For now, I’m just going to enjoy getting to know my sewing machine again, my wonderfully vintage sewing machine. First up on my things to sew list is this little project. The tricky part is finding the time. Ah, story of my life.


  • Kristy

    I have the same machine! I got it as a gift when I was a teenager and didn't really appreciate it…until I was in my late 20s and bought a new machine – which turned out to be cheaply made, and rather useless–though I shouldn't complain as it motivated me to dig this gem out of my parents' attic. LOVE IT!

  • Alison Ruffino

    I just refurnished my cabinet; I completed it no more than 2 days ago. Same cabinet and same machine. I'm happy to send pics if you like.

    I did try to match the color. I had to get new hardware because a knob was lost in a move.

    I'm so glad to have it "like new" again. Just take your time if you do it yourself. You can tell a rush job when it comes to sanding and finishing.

    Have fun!

  • Jeannie Shaw

    I learned to sew on that machine so when I got married back in 1982 I bought my own Touch and Sew! But that cabinet is to die for. I just love that cool sort of Danish modern style. Now if only I could afford to have my machine sent in for maintenance. Right now I'm sewing on a Singer 9410 and it's okay but just not the same.

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