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♪ Let’s Go Fly A Kite ♪

I don’t remember ever flying a kite as a kid. That’s not to say that I didn’t but, if so, I don’t remember it. Over the weekend, The Little Girl flew a kite for the first time and so did I (that I recall).
We’ve had some really windy days here in Nashvegas and hubby suggested that we get a kite. We tried to make a homemade kite but it didn’t work out so well. The next day me and Sky stopped off at Deals and picked up a kite for $1! There were lots of choices (rainbows, American flags, suns, hearts) but we ended up with a SpiderMan kite.
We tested out the kite at Grandma’s house but, on the way home, we passed over the dam at Stewart’s Ferry and saw several families out on the big hill flying their kites. We couldn’t resist.
Our little SpiderMan kite flew so great. I am pretty sure that before this I had 2 misconceptions about kites. One, they are expensive and, two, they are hard to fly. I was wrong on both accounts.
The Little Girl wasn’t so much interested in actually flying the kite as she was to run around in the field and collect flowers and such. However, she is a fantastic kite launcher. She would hold it just so and toss it up and it would go flying into the air. As far as I’m concerned, it takes 2 people to fly a kite and she was doing her job perfectly.
We happened to be kite flying right at sunset (have I mentioned lately how much I love the longer days) and it was beautiful. It was nice and warm and I felt pure joy in my heart. I loved being with my family, doing something new, and enjoying the sun. I commented that this could quite possibly be my new favorite springtime activity.
FYI: She is wearing her pajamas. Not because she is making a fashion statement but because we were headed home from Grandma’s to go home to sleep. But, remember, we couldn’t resist stopping. Therefore, we have pictures of our daughter flying a kite in her PJs. Cause that’s how we roll. 🙂

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