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My Little Fashionista

In the last few weeks my 4-year-old has become VERY opinionated about clothes. This was a hard pill for me to swallow since I have been choosing her clothes day in and day out for so long. Let’s not forget that I’m very type A and I like things to match from head to toe. My sweet girl has worn a bow in her hair from the day she came home from the hospital so my pride was slightly wounded when she told me “I don’t like bows anymore!” Ok, fair enough. I’ll give ya that one. But when a demonstration of Oscar proportions began each morning over every piece of her outfit, I was at a loss.
I made a decision to let her make her own choices when it comes to clothes. I decided that if the outfit is appropriate for the situation, then she can wear it. This was a huge step for me. Giving up control has never come easy to me. Boy did I ever live to eat those words. Here are a few of the more interesting outfits she has put together.
During Spring Break she has chose to pair some plaid shorts over brown cargo pants.
I miraculosly ended up talking her out of this outfit. I mean, seriously? There’s way too many things going on here.
Instead she chose this outfit for an evening at Monkey Joes. Capris with socks and Crocs?
This was a Sunday morning and we made a compromise. I got to pick the dress and she chose the rest. Note the navy BabyLegs, floral sandals, and hot pink backpack.
I can’t quite remember where we were going here but it was interesting to see that she chose my red purse and navy shoes to compliment her teal butterfly shirt.
Up next, we have this all black ensemble that she chose to wear to Home Depot along with her rain boots. I should mention that it was rather warm on this particular day.
Ultimately, this right here is the biggest fashion faux paux: Socks with sandals. Ewe!
You know what, it doesn’t matter. I mean, did you see her grinning from ear-to-ear in the above pictures (and striking a pose too)? It’s all about choices and she is rather pleased with herself and her sense of style. As hard as it was for me to give up some control, I actually like seeing what sort of crazy nonsense she will put together. As always, there’s never a dull moment at the Bishop hacienda. If you missed Fashion Week, just head on over here. But, please, don’t tip off the Fashion Police before you come. 🙂


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