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The Sun

This morning I prayed and asked the Lord to show me that He was with me today. I want to practice being more aware of His presence in the every day, little things.
I climbed out of bed and into the shower. The monotony of the day was already beginning. However, when I got out of the shower something caught my eye. Behind the blinds of our bathroom window, there was an orange light and I was drawn to it. I knew that it was most likely the sun but I just couldn’t help but to peek through and see it. Out of my steamy window, I saw a beautiful sunrise. The hussle and bussle of my day had begun but just a glimpse of this beautiful sight was a timely reminder… “Yes, Staci, I am here.”

In that moment, it dawned on me that the Lord uses the sun to speak to me a lot. The above picture doesn’t do the moment justice. I’m not sure I will be able to fully describe the feelings that the sun stirs in me but I’m sure gonna try.
Summer is,by far,my favorite season of the year. I love the warm sun. Heck, I even enjoy when it’s blazing hot. I love being outside all summer long and I eat lunch outside as often as possible. Just feeling the warmth on my skin makes my heart swell! Seeing the sun shine all day long and late into the evening is pure bliss. So, I can’t say I’m surprised that God uses this great ball of light to bring peace and comfort to me all year long.
Many times when I come around the back curve of Pennington Bend the sun is beaming through the trees. I always get a little giddy when I see them. As I drive through those rays of light it’s like a little touch from God. It’s like I’m being bathed in His goodness. It has a truly calming and refreshing effect. It warms me from the inside out.

We had a bad winter this year. There were lots of gloomy days. LOTS. Many times I would look up to the sky and see nothing, and I mean nothing, but dark, grey, yucky clouds. Blah! However, on occasion, the clouds would part and a small, tiny opening would reveal the brightest, blue sky behind them. It was a very powerful reminder that when things seem oh so blah, so dark, so gloomy, God is just as bright as ever and He is still right there. Even though I can’t see Him for all the mess, He’s there and, if I can just wait and be patient, He will show himself to me. Maybe it will be small glimpses at first but eventually those clouds will blow away completely.

Once this winter we had a really icy snow. It was probably the ninth or tenth snow of the year, quite rare for Nashville. I don’t like snow to begin with and I was over winter in a bad way. As we drove, I was completely and 100% memorized by the diamond-like effect the sun was having on the snow-covered ground. Everywhere you looked it sparkled and sparkled and sparkled! It was beautiful and that word doesn’t come easily to me when talking about the white stuff. I think I even learned to like snow a little bit that day, which is a miracle in itself. It was another reminder that God can make any situation shine like diamonds. After all, He works all things together for His good.
Then there are sunsets. “Red sky at night” is my favorite. Sometimes I can’t even watch a sunset without tearing up. Often a sunset catches me and takes my breath away, especially if I wasn’t looking for it. I’ll be driving along and happen to see that big orange ball floating down. Sometimes I think God really shows out at the end of the day. He paints masterpieces in the sky. Often times, I really need him to show out because sometimes, at the end of a long, tough day, He practically has to scream to get my attention. Boy does he ever with those sunsets, especially those late October ones. Mercy me. How can anyone can look at a sunset and say there is no God I’ll never know.
For me, the sun is an amazing reminder that God is near, He is constant, and He loves me. Even when it is night, the Sun is still there. God is always there. Always.
Thank you Lord for the Sun. Thank you for the peace and joy it brings me here on this earth. Thank you for using an everyday occurrence to demonstrate your nature in a way that I can understand. Thank you for letting me bask in your goodness and light.

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