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5 Summer Getaways for Every Kid

Just yesterday I posted our Summer Fun Schedule. I love planning out summer activities. I actually start working on our list right after spring break. Today, I was asked to narrow my list down to 5 getaways that every kid should experience. Mostly, I think kids just love doing new things but there are certain trips that are reserved especially for summer and it gives them something to look forward to. My daughter is just 4 but I think this list could be tailored to a child of any age and they would enjoy it just the same.

  1. Camping. This is actually the first item on our 2011 summer kick off. We will be camping overnight for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional summer starting point. There’s just something about a campfire and a tent that kids love. The smores aren’t bad either.
  2. The Beach. Okay, I’m kinda partial to the warm, sunny weather but every kid should have a chance to dig their toes in the sand, get chased by the breaking waves, and build castles all day long.
  3. Water Park. Come on. Water is a must have for summer. When it just gets so hot that you can’t stand it any more, the only way to cool off is with water. It doesn’t get much better than lots of cool water and plenty of slides and wave pools to go with it.
  4. Week with the Grandparents. This could work even if your parents or in-laws live in town, or 200 miles away like mine. What kid doesn’t love some uninterrupted one-on-one time with the grandparents? Granted, they may come home spoiled like crazy but they will remember those summer visits for years to come.
  5. Airplane Trip. At some point, I feel like you have to plan a trip that requires air travel. We had our daughter looking at airplanes in the sky as soon as she recognized them as a baby. It was so exciting the first time we put her on one. She was so excited to know that we were actually going to be up in the sky.
I can’t wait to do all of these things with The Little Girl this summer. It’s all the things I enjoyed as a kid but I get to do it all over again and see the joy and excitement through her eyes. I kinda think it’s more fun the second time around, don’t you?
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