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Mother’s Day Fail

For the life of me, I can never figure out why Mother’s Day is BEFORE Father’s Day. I think this is true of most men (fathers), but they forget stuff like this. If Father’s Day was first then we could set a good example of what to do and they could start planning then. In theory, of course. In my case, it’s always a last minute scramble (if remembered at all) and yesterday was less than stellar.
I’ve been a mother for 4 years now and the only Mother’s Day that I look back on fondly was my very 1st one; mainly, because I was still full of new baby love and breastfeeding hormones. I was on an emotional, new mother high. I assumed all Mother’s Days to follow would be the same or even better. Yeah, okay. *insert sarcasm here*
Fast forward through a billion diaper changes, a child who refuses to sleep (still), temper tantrums, laundry and more laundry, dishes and more dishes, potty training, throw up, runny noses, barking coughs, PASSYS, biting, hitting, running into the street, sassiness, fashion drama, WORRY, meal after meal after meal, SNACKS, carpooling, swimming lessons, general disobedience, no sick days, and vacations that were more work than just staying home. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Mommyhood isn’t for the faint of heart and I think all moms deserve a Mother of the Year award (especially those of us with preschoolers).
After all that, I think it is fully appropriate for us to have one day off. One day of rest. One day where everyone is nice to you and does what you say, because you’re the mom. One day to actually ENJOY being a mom. Is that SO much to ask for?
I hear about these moms who get breakfast in bed and they go out to eat for dinner and she gets the day off from laundry and cooking and cleaning. I think WOW, that would be great! Like, REALLY great! Dad gets a taste of a day in the life of mom (and hopefully appreciates her more than ever) while she gets to relax. I wonder if those moms really get the day off from laundry and cooking and cleaning or if they just turn a blind eye and it’s all piled up waiting for them at the end of the day.
Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some highlights to yesterday.
  • One, my kid is becoming so stinking funny. She makes me laugh and her hip-hop, breakdancing demonstration was hilarious. Poor girl needs some rhythm. 🙂 Her re-enactment of Thumper (from Bambi) 8000 times was pretty hilarious too.
  • Two, at church they had all the kids fill out a little questionnaire about mom and Skylar’s answers were a riot.
  • Three, hubby did ask me in advance for gift ideas and I was thrilled with my new yoga mat towel and super cute mat bag!
  • Four, I went to hot yoga class. It’s the one place in the world where it really is all about me.
But, I got no breakfast in bed, I prepared lunch AND dinner, did the dishes, started 2 loads of laundry, did some work, and gave the kid a bath, so it wasn’t really any different from any other Sunday.
I told hubby that next year I will make my Mother’s Day requests a bit more specific, starting with breakfast in bed. 🙂

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  • Amanda Marie

    I got 2 cards (Loren bought the Romanian orphanage cards) that were filled out after we got home from lunch out (which we always do anyway on Sunday), like it was an after thought…and not even a "Happy Mother's Day" out of his mouth. After 6 years of not so special mother's days, I don't expect much. What surprises me is that I still put so much effort into his Father's Days…

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