How NOT To Make All Your Dreams Come True

This morning I was awoken to something rather unpleasant. The Little Girl came bounding up the stairs super excited to tell me that we HAVE to get a Happy Napper. Why? “Because they make all your dreams come true.”
Wait. What did you say?
“I have to get a Happy Napper because they make all your dreams come true. I want the doggy one.”
Oh really?
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. You mean that some company is actually advertising such ridiculousness as a stuffed animal that can make all your dreams come true? WHAT!?!? I felt certain that she had misunderstood the words of the jingle but she kept repeating this one phrase over and over. I mean, this is a knock off Pillow Pet we are talking about, right?
It gets better. Or worse.
My favorite 4 year old then proceeds to ask her father, “Dad, do you want all your dreams to come true?” (I guess). “Well, then which Happy Napper do you want?” (Um, none of them).
Then she comes and asks me the same question, even suggesting that I get the unicorn with a castle. I was a little annoyed at this point. How in the world do companies get away with this harkey mularkey advertising?
We went on to church but my girl had not forgotten the infamous commercial. After service, she was still talking about it. Even reminding me to make sure I go to CVS this week to get her the doggy Happy Napper.
What do I do? I came home and looked up this commercial on YouTube. Indeed, the jingle does promise that “they’ll make all your dreams come true” all while being sung to a cheesy but catchy tune.
Seriously? If the product promised to help my child nap, I could buy into that. Maybe. Then again, my child broke the mold on sleep patterns. But, making dreams come true? That is impossible both literally and figuratively.
Kids believe everything they see and hear and why wouldn’t they? They’ve never had experience with scams and skepticism. Their trust is unfathomable. It makes me downright sick that a toy company is using such a ridiculous marketing gimmick to sell their product.
Now, please excuse me while I go have a chat with Missy Prissy about the true elements that make dreams come true.

*I have intentionally left out any links or pictures of this product because I want to do ZERO to encourage you to support this business. I’m even mad about the few cents they are going to receive because I clicked their YouTube video.*

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