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What do a muffin tin and tacos have in common?

I have a little dilema every time I make tacos. There are about 8,000 toppings that go with them. Unfortunately, I like them all but I don’t want to muck up that many ramicans (also known as small bowls – seriously, who came up with such a fancy word for a bowl?) in the process.

Let me just tell ya, we eat tacos a lot but this muffin tin idea didn’t dawn on me until just the other night. It’s one dish with six holes. Score! On this particular taco night, I chose to top off my shells with lettuce, cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, green onions, and bell pepper.
The best part… clean up was a snap! Now, that I have an excuse to use a muffin pan a little more frequently, I might just invest in a good one. 🙂

So, are there any other brillant ideas out there that I have yet to discover? What are your dish saving tips for the kitchen?

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