Random Comments & Good Advice

There have been several things happen or be said over the last few days that I’ve thought, “that would make a good blog post” or “I need to write that one down.” So, here I am jotting them down all in one post.

God gives us what we need when we need it.

We were at Publix picking out Father’s Day cards. Technically, I already had the patriarch cards handled much thanks to & Tiny Prints freebies. I was on the hunt for uncle cards. My loathing for the greeting card aisle is a post all on its own and I’m saving up for that one. Anywhoo, the selection was slim, my blood pressure was on the rise, and my dear daughter was proceeding to open every musical card her little hands could reach. I quickly sent her with her Daddy to… wait for it… look for coupons! Bahahaha! They were very successful in their search and, when we reunited at the checkout, she had quite a little stack. She quickly noted that her coupons would stay together much easier if she had a paper clip. I agreed. Apparently, she thought I should be able to produce one out of my purse on command. Let the record state that I am not a magician. I tried to appease her with “we’ll get you one as soon as we get home.” The Little Girl was unamused. “But, I NEED one!” Lo and behold, I looked down by my foot in the Publix parking lot and there was a green paper clip shining up at me. I literally could not believe it. I pointed, she looked, beamed from ear to ear, and picked it up. (Spare me all the germ comments. I’m fully aware.) We had a nice little chat about how God gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. It was a lesson I needed to hear again that day too!
Funny statements from my 4-year-old
  • When flies die, do they go to fly heaven? – Um, not so much.
  • When taking a big bit of something, you should close your eyes so you don’t see it but you feel it and taste it. – Must try this next time I eat Nutella. 🙂
True comment from my husband
  • Honey, we found this turtle outside. He is injured with a boo boo. Do you think maybe you could put some Coconut Oil on it. – It’s a running joke around here that we put coconut oil on everything. Hey, it works!
Practical advice from the guy at Home Depot
  • Anytime you buy a power tool, you should also go to Lawn & Garden and buy your wife a plant. – This guy is a very smart man!

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