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Things I Hope to Never Hear in a Real Restaurant

Tonight I was practicing reading with Skylar. I had the clipboard and was writing sentences for her. She took over the clipboard and proceeded to play “restaurant.”
It was hilarious!!
She was scribbling on a piece of paper when I asked for 2 pieces of pizza. Then I prompted her to write the number two because I’m that mom who tries to sneak in education. Her response, “No, we write in English here.” Huh?
Immediately following this she says, “This is an Indian restaurant.” *scratching my head*
Then she says, “Excuse me ma’am. I have to go to the bathroom.” Oh-kay. Well, at least she was polite about it.
Upon returning, we pick up right where we left off with ordering. Apparently, this restaurant only serves Dr. Pepper. She pauses and asks, “Ma’am, have you ever been to this restaurant before?” Um, I can definitely say that I have not.
Now gazing at her clipboard she mentions that her writing looks like Chinese. It looks like something alright!
In taking Mike’s order, she asks if he would like to try the Shakalaka Pizza. The description included broccoli and cheese. Cool name. Not so sure the ingredients match the name.
Our restaurant game was interrupted by a little Skype session with my family back home where she proceeded to take their order as well.
Our little waitress went to get our food and returned with farm animals from her toy barn set. I was told I would have to eat a horse. Um, not so much.
And now, she’s playing beauty salon with the dog.
Just another night at the Bishop hizzle with The Little Girl.

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