When the Cat’s Away…

the mice will play!

And that’s exactly what my wee one has done this week during her summer visit to the Grandparents. She’s had a blast!
However, no one ever talks about the cat. What does the cat do when the mice are away?
The usual.
First, I gave myself an impossible to-do list of items I wanted to check off my list while The Little Girl was gone. I was hoping to be extra productive and power my way through it but, alas, it was indeed impossible. I did get quite a bit checked off but it’s not 100%. Then again, it’s pretty rare for me to have everything checked off. My t0-do list is never done. It’s always growing. It’s like a cruel magic trick. If I check one thing off, two more get added. It’s the epitome of vicious cycle.
When I wasn’t busy with my list, I was working. You know, the usual. When I wasn’t busy with my list or working, I was wondering about my girl and curious about what she was up to at any given moment. This is not terribly unusual for me but it was a bit amplified knowing she was 225 miles away. If I went too long with out an update I would get anxious. I’m used to knowing where she is at all times and most of the time she is with me. The summer week at the Grandparents is a huge leap of faith for me. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the peace and quiet immensely but you can’t turn off Mommy brain.
I wasn’t all work and worry this week. The hubs and I snuggled on the couch in the evenings and watched movies completely interrupted. We baked cookies and didn’t have to share. We went to bed late and slept in as best we could. You know, 7:30 is sleeping in when you are a parent of an early riser. Oh, and I did manage to sneak in an extra day of yoga. Go me! Let me tell ya, that is the one thing I am most looking forward to when school starts back. It makes me feel so good and I can tell a difference now that I’m not able to go as much.
Nonetheless, the girl has had a great time. I know because there is a sweet little invention called Skype, which I was rather grateful for this week. It’s one thing to talk to her on the phone but being able to put my eyes on her is much, MUCH better. It puts my anxious Mommy’s heart at ease.
I’m headed to pick her up in the morning and I can’t wait. Sounds crazy, but I always love her a little bit more when she’s been gone a few days. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Once I weasel some pictures out of the grandparents, I’ll be able to better tell you about how they kept her busy for the past 5 days. Or is the other way around? Yeah, I’m pretty sure she kept THEM busy. 🙂

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  • mom's school

    Love it, Stace! My BIG Baby is about to go away for a week and I have already been in tears about it! It doesn't get easier, the older they get… just fyi! 😉 Glad you had a wonderful week to yourself though! That has GOT to be refreshing. 🙂

    Layna! 🙂

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