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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

1st Day of PreK

The new school year has started. I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I find this highly unusual for me. I LOVE routine. I like knowing what to expect and being able to plan based on those expectations.

Mainly, I think I’m just having a hard time letting go of summer. For one, the weather has finally cooled off just a smidge (also unusual for August) so it’s actually enjoyable to be outside in the evening. Don’t get me wrong. I love ALL of summer, even the heat, but this July was a scorcher. Even for me. Secondly, there was no real agenda this summer other than to have fun and keep our household running. There was no rush to be in bed by a certain time. No rush to get out the door every morning. We just kinda went with the flow. Fast forward to now when the clock is set for 6:00. Oiy!
Skylar, however, appears to be adjusting well to with returning to the school schedule. We’ve managed to get her in bed by 8 each night, with no major fussing, and have gotten to school early every day (granted, we are only on day 3). I think the ease of this transition has a lot to do with something we put into place last year: Morning and Bedtime Charts.
These are really helpful for me too, especially the bedtime routine. Because there is an associated time for each item, I know that I must stop whatever I am working on by 7:20 or else it will be my fault if she is in bed later than 8. The time stamps are also helpful for Skylar who can easily drag the nightly routine on and on and on. We have a portable clock that we carry from room to room as we complete the chart. If she gets behind on an item, she runs the risk of mom choosing the uniform for the next day or being cut short on books (her two favorite parts). It’s also helpful because it isn’t “me” telling her what is next. I blame it on the chart. “The chart says it’s time to brush your teeth.” That usually eliminates the power struggle.
The Get Ready Chart doesn’t have time stamps because she wakes up at various times each morning. I wish her wake up time was more predictable but it never has been. It may be 6 am tomorrow and then I have to drag her out of bed at 7 the following morning. You just never know. I try to be up by 6:15 and showered and ready so I can help her when she wakes up. If she gets up before I’m ready, she gets to snuggle in my bed until I’m done. The ultimate goal is to be downstairs by 7:15 for me to make her lunch and be pulling out by 7:35. If she gets ready early then she gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until it’s time to go. I’ve learned to turn the TV off as soon as Mickey goes off. Otherwise, she hears the start up music for Jake and the Neverland Pirates. If that happens, getting her in the car looks more like trying to put a cat in a swimming pool.
I have been really pleased with how well she has adjusted to getting back on track with our school routine. Now, if I can only get myself to get with the program. Somehow 11 pm has become my new bedtime and 6 am comes pretty quickly. I’m a 9-hours of sleep per night kinda gal. Then again, I haven’t had 9 hours of solid sleep in Lord knows when. :/
How are you and yours getting back into the swing of things?


  • Michelle Wilson

    It's going great for us! School 2 days a week through the summer has really helped us keep the girls in a routine. They are loving their new extracurricular activities (Tumblebus for Pearl, dance class for Sassafras), and that has helped a lot with morning motivators! Glad to hear all is well in the Bishop house. And don't worry. By this time next week, your routine will be back to normal.

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