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Resolution #2: Buy Second Hand

Here’s another 2012 resolution that I’ve been working on for a while but I want to really focus on it more and more.
I’ve been a fan of Goodwill for quite sometime and I’ve both bought and sold on Ebay & Craigslist. I recently discovered Southern Thrift, a local second hand shop in my area. When I think back over the deals I have gotten, I’ve really never gotten a bad deal. In fact, right now I’m typing on a used MacBook Pro that I bought on Ebay for half the original price and I love it! I can think back to other purchases like furniture and clothes and toys and home decor. Everything works fine and looks beautiful. In fact, most people would never guess that I bought said item second hand unless I brag on it.
At the end of 2011, I started making a list of all the items we need for our home. The budget is tight so there is never really any extra for things other than necessities. We decided to use a portion of the monetary gifts we received at Christmas to purchase some things we need for the house. I didn’t have a lot to start with but I wanted to make it stretch as far as possible in hopes of getting everything on our list. Second hand seemed the way to go. In fact, there is only 1 item on the list that I can think of that I will have to buy new (pans & rings for stovetop).
So far, I have bought…
Cooler for the lake (with wheels!!!), $10
Hanging Canvas Shoe organizer (28 cubbies), $15
Queen Egyptian Cotton Sheets (2 pair), $22
Queen Mattress Cover (padded), $15
*Let me just add that vinegar and hot water go a long way when washing second hand items. In fact, our bed has never felt more cozy and smells so good! I love it.
Knowing the types of deals that I can get are good motivation to keep buying used. It’s not just the deals that motivate me to buy used either. Part of it is knowing that I’m being “green”. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buying second hand has all of those wrapped into one. I know that there may be times when I have to buy new but I am going to do my best to shop second hand first. It’s amazing what you can find used if you just look for it. Sometimes it’s available immediately. Sometimes you just have to keep checking back. I’m going to do my best to practice patience and not run out to buy something new.
I was joking around on New Year’s that my 2012 motto will be out with the old, in with the USED! Kinda catchy, don’t ya think?

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