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Spring Confession

Now that the first day of Spring has official come and gone with record-breaking temps and beautiful weather, I have a confession for all of my winter loving friends. You know who you are. I only hope that you will forgive me for what I have done. It really wasn’t my fault. Ok, maybe a teensy bit my fault.

Many of you have questioned this unseasonably warm winter we have had. Last year, school closed so many times for snow that I actually lost count. This time, they closed one single day and it wasn’t even for snow. It was for what Metro deemed “inclement weather”. It had barely sprinkled snow the day before and because we had yet to use a snow day because it was Friday or maybe a combination of the two school closed and we had a 3-day weekend. Not one time this year did we have a good, hard snow. I don’t even remember seeing one miniature table snowman grace the feed of my Facebook and no one had any snow cream to boot. It was a rough time for my winter fanatic friends.

Well, I know why it didn’t snow. It was all a part of my evil, summer-loving, warm-weather thriving plan. How, you ask? Well, I bought this girl a sled for Christmas. Mwhuhahaha!
You can’t see it in the background, but it’s a blue one, just like this…..
See, last year I would have paid big bucks for a sled. We certainly needed to be doing something with our time while being out of school and there was plenty of snow to go around. However, a sled was no where to be found. Everywhere was sold out. So, this year, I bought one in early December as soon as they hit the stores. I wanted to be prepared. I also have been friends (not by choice) with Murphy long enough to know that if I make a plan, he will intervene. I buy a sled therefore Murphy works a deal with mother nature and laughs in my face. This time, the joke is on you Murphy! Take that. 🙂

So, I hope all of my cold weather pals aren’t too upset with me. You know I hate the white, flaky stuff. You got plenty last year. I deserved a year off and I will happily listen to your moaning and complaining when this summer is melting us into the pavement. I’ll even let you come over and run through my sprinkler and drink my rosemary lemonade. Truce?

I know what you all are thinking. It has snowed in Tennessee as late as April before. Others, like my friend Val are probably thinking, “Now that you’ve written this, Murphy is gonna stick it to you good.” Nope. I’ve got it all covered. I refuse to pack up the winter clothes until May. That ought to fix the situation right up. Murphy, this time I’ve got YOUR number. *grin*

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    Also, I had been praying since finding out I was pregnant in June of 2011 that this winter would be a mild one, because I didn't want to be careening down some country road in hard labor in the snow. Bwahaha.


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