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A Tiger Tale

My girl came home with this from school today.
She’s been talking a lot lately about authors and illustrators and she makes sure I don’t skip that page when we read bedtime stories. Over the past few weeks, her class has been studying Asia and she has really enjoyed it. Through her, I’ve learned all about the continent, Mount Everest, and Giant Pandas.
{side note} She’s only 5, by the way. May seem old to some but she’s still my baby girl. Five is YOUNG, yet she is growing up so fast. I don’t like it. Not one bit. {end note}
Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when my PreK daughter comes home with a “story” and matching illustration that she worked on all by herself. I was impressed. The fact that she can now read and write has opened up a whole new world for her. She’s always been very articulate but now she can communicate in a brand new way. I’m thrilled for her! Since this story is spelled phonetically, let me translate for you.
The tigers are hunting for food.
The cubs are watching their mother how to hunt food.
These tigers are trying to stay out of danger.

Be still my heart. Is this not the cutest tiger family you have ever seen? I’m pretty sure my mother’s bias is at play here. So, what? I am one proud mamma!

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