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42 pounds. 46 inches.

Today I took Missy Prissy for her Kindergarten physical.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re not big on the whole doctor scene. We have, however, found a medical practice who is completely okay with our natural views and alternative medicine choices. Still, I will exhaust all means before we head to the MD’s office. In fact, when I called to make her appointment, they assumed we had changed pediatricians because she hasn’t been seen in their office in over 2 years. Her last visit was for her required preschool physical and the only bout of sickness she has experienced in the last 24 months was a little stomach bug that lasted about 12 hours. No appointment needed.

I am extremely thankful to have such a healthy child and I do not take this fact for granted. Most days, I am probably overly conscious of her health. I worry about the foods she eats and I spend a lot of time taking precautionary measures to help her maintain a healthy immune system. I am definitely happy that we manage to stay out of the doctor’s office.

Anyway, back to our visit. She did great! They took her height and weight and she read from the eye chart on the 20/20 line with no problems at all. Once we were in the exam room, the nurse took her blood pressure, temperature, and a finger prick to test hemoglobin levels. These were all within a normal range. The NP listened to her heart & lungs, checked her ears & throat, tested her reflexes, and felt for any stomach masses. All looked good. They asked a few developmental questions and asked if I had any concerns as a parent. Nope. She was deemed fit and healthy and ready for Kindergarten. Too bad I had to pay $15 for them to tell me what I already knew. 😉

Last Year Stats: She was 43.5 inches tall (97th percentile) and weighed 37.5 pounds (55th percentile).

Current Stats: She is 46 inches tall (90th percentile) and weights 42 pounds (54th percentile).

And, yes, I am intentionally not discussing how I feel about her starting Kindergarten in a few months. Where does the time go?

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