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my little gymnast

Skylar just participated in her first Spring Fling at her gymnastics studio. She’s been taking lessons for about 11 months. I still remember when I took her to the very first class. I laughed so hard. It was hysterical. My 4 year old was so, SO uncoordinated. Even the warm-up stretches threw her for a loop so let’s not even talk about her crab crawl. However, she gets minimal playtime at school and I felt it was important for her to have some exercise so we continued classes much thanks to a certain aunt & uncle benefactor (THANK YOU!!!). It’s been amazing to watch just how far she has come in a year’s time. I was so proud of her yesterday. She worked hard and even earned a trophy to show for it.

Here’s a little video of the event.
We are taking the summer off mainly because she gets plenty of exercise in the warmer months but also because she wants to try out some other things like art camp. Actually, we are going to do one week of gymnastics camp too. She has expressed an interest in wanting to try karate next school year, so we’ll see. 🙂

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