How to Heal an Ear Infection Naturally in 48 Hours

My girl had an ear infection this week. Here are the steps we followed to heal it with just 3 treatments in less than 48 hours. Recipes and links below.


Normal day. That night, she tells me it hurts when she touches behind her ear. I take a look and it’s kinda red. The spot in question is located in the crease so I’m thinking it’s just irritated by maybe some residual soap or shampoo that didn’t get rinsed out. We clean it, apply a topical cream and go to bed.


That afternoon she says she doesn’t feel well and is tired. She had a pretty big horseback riding lesson that morning so I’m thinking she just needs rest. By bedtime, she was running a low-grade fever and says her ear now hurts on the inside. Ah ha! Ear infection. BINGO! I put one drop of colloidal silver in her ear and applied an essential oil mixture behind her ear. I also put a dab or two of this mixture on a cotton ball and placed it in her ear. She ran a low fever through the night and was restless.


She wakes up stating she feels somewhat better but still has a low-grade fever. I put in another drop of colloidal silver and apply the essential oil mixture behind her ear and on the cotton ball again. She has a low-grade fever through the day but was eating and drinking well. We do the same protocol at bedtime, and I notice she sleeps much more soundly overnight.


She wakes up, pops out of bed, throws her hands in the air, and announces loudly “I’m healed.” LOL! She says she doesn’t feel feverish anymore and her ear doesn’t hurt anymore.

That, my friends, is how you heal an ear infection with just 3 treatments in under 48 hours.


Fevers do serve a purpose. The heat in the body helps to kill off bad bacteria. I rarely treat the fever unless it gets up to 103+. Even then, I typically provide comfort measures rather than medicines that will stop the fever. Comfort measures include lots of fluids, cool washcloth, peppermint essential oil, or belladonna homeopathic tablets. It’s very common for fevers to “spike” in the middle of the night. This is when the body is most at rest and can redirect resources to fighting off an infection.


  1. Colloidal SilverOrder Here I like to think of this product like a natural antibiotic. It’s anti-bacterial properties are quite impressive! It can be used internally to treat an infection or externally to treat a wound, but should only be used short term. It’s not a product that should be used for an on-going basis.
  2. Roller Ball Essential Oil Blend


When treating an ear infection, it’s important to encourage drainage of the fluid in the ear because unhealthy bacteria can continue to breed in this environment.

Step 1: Tug down on the earlobe.

Step 2: Tug back on the earlobe.

Step 3: Hold the earlobe and move it in a circular motion.

Step 4: Place 2 fingers behind the earlobe. Press and follow the natural path down the neck in front of the muscle.

Step 5: Repeat several times throughout the day.


How to Heal an Ear Infection Naturally in 48 Hours

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