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Wilson County Fair

We love the Fair! It always happens in late August or September and usually signals that Summer is winding down. I’ve always used this as a milestone activity each year and one final hoorah to my favorite season. We are fortunate enough to live in Davidson County, which is the home of the Tennessee State Fair. It’s a fantastic event and love knowing that I’m spending my dollars in my own county.


We moved last year and our new property crosses the Davidson/Wilson County Line, which presented a predicament about which fair to go to. We slowly began moving our business to Wilson County because those establishments were now more convenient to us. And so we decided to try the Wilson county fair last year. Everyone raves about it, so we figured it was worth a shot. Honestly, I wasn’t totally blown away (at first). There’s a learning curve with a big event like this and we didn’t quite have a handle on all of the options and locations of activities.  But I didn’t hate it and we all had a nice time!


Over the last year, we have fallen in love with Wilson County and all the businesses and options that are available to us “out here.” I joke that we “drank the koolaid” and that included the Wilson County Fair. It seemed only fitting to document my family’s love for this event. Heck, we even found an awesome photographer in our new neck of the woods!


As the years go by, I think we will continue to discover more tips and tricks to navigating our way around but you can’t beat the basics like The Slide, The Swings, Roasted Corn, and Deep Fried Anything.


Here’s to the end of summer 2018!

Photos By Lenker Photography

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