CBD for dogs

Does CBD help pets too?

Does your pet …

  • get anxious during storms or fireworks?
  • act unsettled in the car?
  • struggle going up or down the stairs?
  • have issues with blood sugar?
  • scratch constantly?
  • have vision problems?
  • struggle to sleep at night?
  • easily develop fatty masses?


CBD for pets

We have two CBD products specifically for pets. These can be used with dogs, cats, horses, or any type of mammal. Our pet line is specifically designed with our furry friends in mind. The pet CBD oil is a 250 mg full spectrum blend, which is bacon flavored. We also have beef-flavored CBD cookies that are grain/corn/soy free.

CBD for dogs

Your pets can enjoy the benefits of CBD for as low as $26 when you order a value pack! Let me know if you have questions or need help putting together an order.

CBD pet


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