How to Treat a Fever Naturally

Fevers, especially in children, can be scary. In fact, “fever phobia” is real but it often causes unnecessary trips to the doctor or emergency room or giving over-the-counter medicines that aren’t needed. In actuality, fevers are a sign that the body’s immune system working.


  • It’s quite common for a fever to “spike” in the middle of the night. This is when the body is in a state of rest and can mount the biggest immune response.
  • The increased heat helps to kill bacteria and viruses which normally thrive at 98.6.
  • Increased temperature signals the body to create more white blood cells and antibodies.
  • Brain damage from a fever is unlikely unless the body reaches 107.6 or higher.
  • Untreated fevers will rarely top 105 because the brain has a natural thermostat which instructs the body not to go above 106.
  • Febrile seizures only occur in 4% of children.
  • Fevers should only be addressed if a child is showing signs of dehydration, discomfort, or inability to sleep.


Here are a few natural ways to treat a fever at home.
  • Hydration – Water, Bone Broth, Herbal Teas
  • Rest/Sleep
  • Warm/Cool Bath with Epsom Salt
  • Herbs – Astragalus, Echinacea, Elderberry
  • Homeopathy – Belladonna
  • Essential Oils – Lavender or Peppermint on a cool Washcloth
  • Vitamin C
Remember, the goal is to reduce the fever, not to eliminate it, so it can still do its job. This is why Tylenol and Motrin should be a last resort when treating a fever.


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