Family Update

October 2019 Family Update

  October. SO full.

At the beginning of the month, I headed to Las Vegas for work but it felt more like fun. It was super exciting to be there first hand for some exciting product launches and to get to celebrate my team and our amazing accomplishments this past year! I had 26 of them with me, up from just 5 in 2018. Oh what a difference a year makes!

I flew home early Sunday morning, unpacked and repacked, then hopped back on a plane early Monday morning headed for Port Canaveral with Mike and Skylar. We met up with Mike’s parents and his oldest sister (with her family) and boarded the Carnival Liberty for a week of fun at sea and the Bahamas. Y’all, I seriously didn’t want to come home. In fact, Skylar legit cried when we had to disembark. Nassau was absolutely gorgeous and we loved our cruise ship.

Do you know what the best cure is for a vacation hangover? More vacation. We went straight from the boat to Disney. You may remember that we had tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party back in 2016 but we were forced to evacuate due to Hurricane Matthew. We were finally able to experience this event and it DEFINITELY lived up to the hype. The trick-or-treating was generous, the Boo to You Parade was unforgettable, and the HalloWishes fireworks were incredible! Plus, it’s just nice to be in the park with less people so we got to ride all of our favorites.

On Day 2, we went to Animal Kingdom and, again, fit in all of our favorite things. We were even able to see the Rivers of Light show thanks to a special Tusker House dining combo FastPass! Memorable moments for me always include food and I think Raglan Road at Disney Springs may be my new favorite restaurant.

Unfortunately, all of that traveling had to come to an end. I had to return to the BFF and face reality. Honestly, as much as I love someone else making my coffee every morning, I was missing our pups. HOME will always be my top favorite but, for real, the wanderlust is calling to me again already. It’s one of the things I truly love about my job. I’m thankful that I can literally work from anywhere so I take full advantage of that. Since the best cure for a vacation hangover is more vacation, I’m already planning our next trip.

If you wish you could travel more, I highly recommend checking out High Life Travel Discounts or joining my travel Facebook group. They are 110% guaranteed cheaper than any other travel website!

Back in Nashville, we picked back up with Field Trip Friday and Scout Events. We toured the National Weather Service and even got to launch a weather balloon. Skylar also attended a WOC campout and her troop received the Honor Award!!!

For Halloween, she dressed as an American Indian. We’ve been studying this people group for 7th grade and she admires them and their culture so much. Earlier this month we attended an Indian Pow Wow and were able to see the World Champion Hoop Dancer!

In BFF news, our chicks that we’ve been raising for 6 months finally started laying eggs this week, which is super exciting. I loathe buying store-bought eggs. Skylar and I also attended a 3-day beekeeping course, which was quite insightful. For the time being, we’ve decided that it’s more like a REALLY expensive HOBBY rather than something that would be beneficial for us at the current time. I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to attend. I love that unschooling lets us follow her interests.

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