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School’s Out For Summer Trip

We are trying to make this trip an annual occurrence at Casa de Bishop. After all, surviving another year of school is something to be celebrated. Last year, we headed for Chattanooga. This year we headed for Knoxville.

We stayed with Mike’s aunt and uncle out in Grainger county. Granted, I don’t think I could ever live this far “out” but it made for a nice get away spot. I’m not personally a fan of the mountains but the view from the front porch was very relaxing.
We enjoyed spending time catching up with his extended family. We also spent a day on the lake with his cousin. The week before it had been 90+ but the day we arrived, after some rain, the temps plummeted back into the low 70s. It made for a cold start that morning but warmed up quite nicely before the day was out. In fact, the water temperature was completely tolerable.

We found a little cove to dock at that had a few hiking trails and a rope swing.
We all took turns riding the jetski and tubing down the lake. It was really fun.

One day we also visited a drive-thru safari. I had never even heard of such a place before. It was a close encounter with all types of animals.

The drive is a 3-mile loop, which ends at a petting zoo.

They had tons of different animals and Skylar rather enjoyed this little adventure. You have the option to purchase food to feed them along the way and this is a sure fire way to get a lot of “action”.
While we were out of town, Skylar also lost her 3rd tooth. I tried to convince her to bring it back to Nashville but she was convinced that the Tooth Fairy would find her in Knoxville, and indeed she did. 🙂

Overall it was a great week. I got lots of rest, Mike got to do lots of fishing, and Skylar had plenty of entertainment. Because they stayed so busy, I ended up driving us home.

Now, bring on the rest of summer!

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