2012 Photo Book

Yes, I know it’s March but I finally got around to finishing our annual photo book. Part of it was my procrastination.  Part of it was because Shutterfly now has all these fancy stickers and backgrounds and buttons and banners in their design software. There are literally thousands of them to choose from. I’m a know-all-my-options kind of girl so I could have easily wasted tons of time scrolling through every single one. Thankfully, they have sorting options and I do love that their program now allows you to customize layouts. However, this is one project that I try to keep simple. Especially since I’ve committed to making one a year for the next eternity. Or, at least until tLG gets married. Of course, I’m in denial that my girl would even consider such a thing so, like I said, it’s me and the annual photo book from here on out. The fact that they sent me a code for a free book with a looming expiration date encouraged me to move forward and not focus too much on the embellishments. Anyway, here is our book. Hope you enjoy! I can’t wait for this one to arrive so I can add it to my little collection.

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