July 2013 in Pictures

Be sure to check out our July 2013 Update.
 She’s now an Advance Yellow Belt
 Dressing up like Yah Yah
Holding baby Briella
 Picking up Skylar after Grandparent Camp. I think she had grown a foot!
 Piled in the back of the car to see Monster’s University and Despicable Me 2 at the drive in. 
 Beautiful dinner cruise on the pontoon boat. 
 Rainbow over the Sounds stadium.
 Headed out for a day of rock climbing.
 Skylar and Ally at Hot Rod Ice Cream Shoppe.
 Out on the boat again. 
 8 pounds of honey! Whoo hoo! I’m hoping this is enough to get us through the winter but I’m not sure. We LOVE honey!
 Back to school forms. Ugh!
Gifts from the Magic School Bus

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