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Origami for Kids


origami giraffe and ball
My girl has been interested in origami for quite some time now. This fascination has been going on for about a year. She loves the idea of making little animals and what not. Mostly cranes and ninja stars. She discovered YouTube tutorial videos and gets all excited to try something new. However, origami isn’t easy and she usually gets frustrated pretty quickly and the fascination fades.

The origami interest rose again last week and I decided that part of the problem is the fact that we don’t have origami paper. We have been using regular printer paper cut into a square. Since she was making the cut, it usually turned out anything but square. So, I hopped on the trusty Amazon and found 500 colored origami sheets for $10. Done! Granted, it’s not high quality origami paper but it’s the right size and many use it for practice paper, which is just what we needed.

It arrived yesterday and I think she’s gone through half the pack already. She even knows some of the YouTube instructors by name. We’ve made several things today and I’m sure there will be more to come in the days ahead. One of the easiest things she found was an origami heart, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Origami is intricate work. It’s also an art form and following directions is necessary. That totally counts towards homeschool time, right? It does in our world.

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