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[REVIEW] Chore Monster App

I first learned about the Chore Monster app on Day 3 of the Teach Them Diligently Conference. It was one of the first things I implemented upon my return and we are L-O-V-I-N-G it!

For starters, this is an easy way to keep the chores organized. I don’t have to make any Pinterest-inspired charts. There are no stickers or checkmarks to keep up with. It’s all managed from my phone and tLG checks off her chores from her iPad. It can also be managed from your computer.

I can set up individual chores and put them on a schedule for once a week, once a day or anything in between. Chores can be set with an alert at a certain time of day. If they aren’t completed on that day, they show up to be done first on the next day. There is also a “skip chore” option that I use when we are traveling or if she is sick. I also love that you can use pictures with the chores, which would be super helpful for little ones.

I took the things I learned from Crystal Paine and we started using Chore Monster in the following way.

  1. The first time a chore needs to be done I have tLG watch me perform the task. I talk about each step involved. 
  2. The second time around, I have her complete the chore while I remind her of the steps. 
  3. The third time, I have her tell me the steps and complete the chore while I’m close at hand. 
  4. At this point I turn her loose to complete the chore on her own or call me if she needs help. 

Chore Monster has an “approval” option where I can check to see that the chore was completed before awarding points. Crystal encouraged us to praise and praise whatever we see done correctly and help them to perfect the parts they struggled with, always staying encouraging and up beat. Once the child has proven they can do the chore and be accountable, you can change the setting to automatically award points. At this point in time I am no longer checking the mail or feeding the dog. These responsibilities have been completely turned over to tLG and she is doing a fantastic job!

We were on an allowance system before so we’ve set up the chores to reward on that same type of scale. For example, feeding the dog is worth $0.25 so I set up Chore Monster to award 25 points for that activity. Her reward options are based on dollar amounts. For example, my kiddo is literally DYING to have the computer version of Minecraft so she can join SKRAFTY (secretly, I want it too because they have homeschool classes). She is currently saving up 2000 points ($20) to earn this reward. It’s taken her a few weeks, which teaches perseverance as well! 

Another feature of Chore Monster is using raffle tickets to spin & win monsters at the carnival. Kids earn 1 ticket per chore completed so there is an added incentive to do chores.

Overall, we have had a wonderful experience with Chore Monster. Getting tLG to help with things around the house has never been easier. I’m serious! It’s been a breeze. It’s a FREE app and I would encourage you to try it out at your house too!

Note: I am not an affiliate for Chore Monster. I simply enjoy sharing tools that work! 

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