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[REVIEW] Growing Up Duggar (Jana, Jill, Jessa & Jinger Duggar)

Growing Up Duggar
By: Jana, Jill, Jessa & Jinger Duggar
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I was so excited when I learned that the four oldest Duggar girls were writing a book. I can’t quite seem to get enough of this family and I was interested to know more about how the day-to-day details of how they make it work. On the flip side, I wondered if what these young 20-somethings would have anything to say that would resonate with this mid 30-something working mom. Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I borrowed this book from the library but I quickly realized that I’m going to have to purchase it. There were so many times while reading that I felt the need to highlight and underline some of the principals they follow.

Growing Up Duggar is broken down into 8 sections and focuses on your relationships with yourself, parents, siblings, friends, guys, culture, your country, and the world. To be so young, they all seem to be mature beyond their years and this is reflected in their writing and how they portray their message.

As a recent homeschooling mom, I’ve been on the hunt for curriculum. After reading this book I wish the Duggars would create a curriculum for how to raise a family. They share many resources in their books and this one is no different. However, Jim Bob and Michelle just seem to come up with the neatest little “tricks of the trade” to teach their children and capture their hearts. I gleaned so much from this book that I hope to start implementing in our home very soon. In fact, step 1 is to get my hubby to read the book so that we can get on the same page.

I’ll admit, part of the Duggar lifestyle seems pretty ultra-conservative but reading it from the girl’s perspective made it all click and make sense for me. I was never 100% sold on the whole courtship philosophy, until now. Reading about the practice in detail made me think back to my high school and college days. There are relationships that I wish I wouldn’t have started. I feel like the courtship model they use would have saved me a ton of heartache.

It was eye-opening to read from their point of view. They were so open and honest. They genuinely want young girls to develop a love for the Lord and experience the peace that comes from His plan for their life. I was certainly inspired by them and I’m guessing you will be too. I would definitely recommend this book for girls of all ages and especially parents of daughters.

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