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Trick For Laminating Small Pieces

Last week I showed you how we are using colored pieces of paper to help with English lessons in our homeschool. I wanted to share a quick tip that I learned while laminating the strips.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting all of your pieces lined up on the laminating sheet only to have them shift once you try to slide it into the machine.
My solution? 

Hair spray. 
Specifically, the aerosol kind. I opened up the laminating sheet and gave it a quick spray before laying down my pieces. It was just enough tack to keep the pieces in place as I folded the top over and moved it into the machine. 
I was afraid that it would cause some discoloration on the back of the paper but there were no problems whatsoever. 
Now that I know this little trick, I might laminate a few more things!

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