10 Things I Know About My Mom

tLG and I recently read Because of Winn Dixie together. In the book, the main character wants to know 10 things about her mom. Opal holds on to these little nuggets of info in a deep and special way because she has lost all other memories of her mother.

The other day I asked tLG if she could come up with 10 things that she knows about me. I really was curious what kind of legacy I’m leaving behind. She could only think of 8 but here’s her list.

  1. She loves summer.
  2. She likes to dress the car up. 
  3. She is the star of the Summer Solstice Party. 
  4. She loves me. 
  5. She doesn’t have time to play. 
  6. She loves Daddy. 
  7. She really likes Publix.
  8. She has brown eyes. 
I actually thought this was a pretty good list. It’s certainly accurate and was neat to see what is noticed and remembered from a 7-year-olds perspective. 
However, if something were to happen to me I would want her to know and remember these 10 things about me. 
  1. I love Jesus. I want you to know Him and love Him too! Having hope in the Lord and His plans for the future helps me through life. A thankful heart helps too. Also, I wish the Bible talked more about His sense of humor because He’s really funny sometimes.  
  2. Summer is my season. I come alive when its warm and sunny. I adore all of the things that come with it too: beach trips, flip flops, ice cream, outdoor activities, longer days, relaxed schedules, and the state fair.  
  3. I am honored to be your mother. Parenting your personality gets interesting sometimes but, if I could go back and choose, I would pick you again and again! I truly adore your uniqueness and creativity. I’m sorry that it took me so long to appreciate it like I do now and I’m thankful for the ways you make me a better person!
  4. I’m a loyal wife. Being married to your Dad hasn’t always been easy (he would probably say the same about me – ha!) but we have stuck it out because a promise is a commitment and I want to be a person who can be trusted. Perseverance is a good quality to have. 
  5. I am a doula. Before I was pregnant with you, I never even knew what a doula was. Your birth launched a passion inside me to care for women during birth to help them and their babies get the best start in life. Thank you! 
  6. I donate my hair. Not everyone can grow long hair but I can, so I do. Then, I cut it off and send it to organizations who can use it for people who don’t have hair. Because, to me, it’s just hair. It grows back. To someone else, it may help them feel beautiful and that matters too. 
  7. I like to research. All those times you saw me on my laptop or my phone… I was most likely reading about something. I don’t ever make a decision unless it has been painstakingly researched. I need to know my options because knowledge is power!  
  8. I hate dishonesty. This is seriously my biggest pet peeve of all time. My true nature is to be skeptical of EVERYTHING. So, when I let my guard down and trust something, it literally crushes me to find out that it’s untrue. Once the bond of trust has been broken, it’s pretty hard to earn mine back. 
  9. I’m not a fan of modern medicine. Once I realized how harmful “medicine” can be I have strived to find the most natural way possible to prevent and treat illness. God has given us some pretty awesome plants in this world and I am always trying to identify more and learn their uses.
  10. No one can shock me. I almost always tend to plan for the worst but hope for the best. I find that I am disappointed less with this plan of action. Therefore, I also make a good confidant. There really isn’t anything that someone can say or do that will shock me and I’m pretty calm in the face of adversity. 
BONUS Items: I enjoy award shows and sangria and hot yoga and gardening and Purity chocolate milk. Writing helps me process my feelings and breathe. I hate running. I will always be a Mac lover and a #homeworkhater. I love you times a million. The end. 

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