Family Update

July 2014 Family Update

Ok, lots of news to report for July so I’ll just hop to it.

For starters we celebrated 4th of July with a pool party and fireworks with our Lifegroup. That was also the day that I officially decided that tLG can swim. She finally decided she was ready to learn last month when we were at the beach and she is now jumping off the diving board and swimming in the deep end. Like most things in life, when she finally makes her mind up to do something she does it with gusto!

tLG completed her last two camps which were both awesome (full summer camp review coming soon). One was history camp at Traveller’s Rest Plantation and the other was art camp at Clay Lady Studio. These are definitely going back on our list for next year.

We are super excited to announce that our girl accepted Christ as her Savior this month. I want to say a special thank you to all of you who have helped us plant seeds with her over the years and for those who will help us guide her in the future. It was really encouraging for her to see how many other people supported her decision by the simple click of a “like” button. She read every single comment too!

My garden is coming along nicely and I even have a baby watermelon. Hoping to see some baby pumpkins next. And if my tomatoes and peppers would ever turn red, we would eat those too. LOL! It has taken a little longer than usual to harvest mainly because I started so many things with seeds and/or small plants to try to push my skills a bit. I’m plum tickled with how much we have grown.

I’ve been kind of quiet for the last 2 weeks. Mainly because I was hiding. I just felt the need to get away and also to give my girl some good old-fashioned summer fun. We quietly slipped out of town and spent 12 days in the mountains with some sweet friends. I love that tLG was out exploring and enjoying nature We hiked. We played in the river. We identified herbs. We swang on great vines. We picnicked. We read. We played. We collected rocks. We found animal bones. We made a salamander habitat. We rode trains. We went to an orchard. We learned history. Basically, we took a break from the daily grind and slowed things down to a more creative pace and we both LOVED it!

We’ve just returned home and I’m trying to wrap my mind around reality. Second grade starts in a week and I will head into the busy time at my job. I’ve learned to just take it one day at a time but, between you and me, I’m pumped about 2nd grade! For real.

Click here to view more July photos!

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